Brief info

Having run her own ‘business start up support’ consultancy for 10 years while simultaneously founding the Beechworth Food Co op and working as an Industry development manager for the regional tourism board, Jade found she had a very broad range of skills to offer those in the small ag sector and was naturally attracted to this so actively pursued it as a preference to other sectors. With a regular stream of invitations to keynote speak at various conferences and gatherings, Jade began to further streamline her focus and now specialises in working with businesses, farmers and cooperative groups to bring local food ideas to life from the development of local paths to market to local food action plans, grant writing support and public speaking about the value of a local food system.

Having worked extensively with business’s of all sizes Jade is comfortable to tailor a solution that is practical, achievable, relevant and perfectly suited to your business needs.

Understanding your “why” is her priority so she can be sure to stay true to the integrity of your business with the innovative recommendations she presents.

Known for her high energy, left of centre but fiercely collaborative approach to finding business and design solutions, Jade will bring a fresh, clearly communicated energy to your team for the project at hand.

If you are not in the region, feel free to still reach out. We can easily provide support remotely.

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