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Our life is seasonal, tasty and intentionally simple and our shop is about sharing  the fruits of our labour – so-to-speak- so you can take a little bit of the good life into your life.

Granny Smith - bare rooted

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She wasn't our granny but she sure as heck was someone's and we'd like to praise her efforts in bringing this bomb proof Aussie apple to all of us. A late season, well keeping, mega juicy and tart apple.

Everything about the granny is GREEN - the skin, the flesh, the juice and even its soul seems unripe. But leave it on the tree a little longer, until a hint of sun-kissed golden colour develops and it sweetens to perfection moving like a chameleon to become an entirely different fruit, truly you have never tasted a Granny Smith like this!

Good keeper - Good for juicing - Good for cooking - Good on cheese plates. Versatile like all grannies ought to be!

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