The Black Barn Farm Shop is a collection of practical, beautiful and edible items that reflect what we use (tools), what we’ve grown (heritage fruit trees + berries + other edible  must haves) and what we’ve created (book + seeds).

Our life is seasonal, tasty and intentionally simple and our shop is about sharing  the fruits of our labour – so-to-speak- so you can take a little bit of the good life into your life.

Geeveston Fanny - bare rooted

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With a name like this and a reputation as a healthy barer of fruit - everyone needs one of these in their backyard orchard.

Raised in Tassie - Geeveston, these apples are on the smaller side (about the same size as a gala) and are sweet with a sharp tang afterwards. They are super crisp and ripen mid season, halfway through March. Perfect for lunch boxes to fill the gap after Galas finish and resistant to black spot to boot.

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