The Black Barn Farm Shop is a collection of practical, beautiful and edible items that reflect what we use (tools), what we’ve grown (heritage fruit trees + berries + other edible  must haves) and what we’ve created (book + seeds).

Our life is seasonal, tasty and intentionally simple and our shop is about sharing  the fruits of our labour – so-to-speak- so you can take a little bit of the good life into your life.

Favourites Pack - 5 trees

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Our apple tree packs contain some of the best apples in our collection which are selected to ripen over the season and to pollinate each other, taking the worry out of choosing backyard orchard trees.

Our favourites pack contains apple varieties that ripen from February through to May.

Gala - Ripens late February into March, a worldwide favourite with super sweet and crunchy lunchbox sized apples.

Fuji - Ripens in March, probably the sweetest of all apple varieties. Large, crisp and long storing apples.

Mutsu - Ripens in March, very similar to Golden Delicious, Black Barn Farms very favourite eating apple, super sweet and mega juicy.

Granny Smith - Ripens late April into May, excellent tart eating and cooking apple however leave to ripen on the tree until it develops a golden blush for whole new extra sweet and mega juicy bib necessitating Granny Smith experience.

Pink Lady - Ripens in May, everyone's favourite and for good reason, they taste like a sherbet party in your mouth and will store happily for many months post harvest.

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