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Our life is seasonal, tasty and intentionally simple and our shop is about sharing  the fruits of our labour – so-to-speak- so you can take a little bit of the good life into your life.

Cameo - bare rooted

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Cameo was discovered by chance in Washington State, USA in the early 1980's. It is thought to be a cross between Golden Delicious and Red Delicious. Cameo apples are covered in red stripes that develop just prior to the apple being ready for harvest. Its flesh is dense and creamy white to yellow in colour with a super crisp and juicy texture. The Cameo’s flavor is the perfect balance of sweet and tart with nuances of both honey and citrus. One of the very best eating apples in Black Barn Farms opinion, in fact we are flat stumped as to why you don't see more of them for sale!

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