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Blenheim Orange - bare rooted

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Have you got some space that would lend itself to a vibrant, precociously growing apple tree? Blenheim Orange is not an apple tree for the faint-hearted being one of the most, possibly even the most, vigorous of all apple trees. Definitely one to be enjoyed only on grafted (dwarfing rootstock as we have it). The parents of the Blenheim Orange are unknown, it was first identified some time around 1740 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire UK. Taking its name from the nearby Blenheim Palace. The apples are slightly larger than normal and the shape is a little squat. The skin is moderately russeted and has a green and yellow to orange colour with some rather feint red streaking to it. The apples are used both for cooking and as a dessert apple. Great in apple pies because it cooks down to a beautiful puree. For eating it's best to leave them on the tree for as long as you can to develop a sweeter flavour.

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